About Us

STOKES INTERIOR was established in 2005. We are very proud of our creations, product quality and professional services and we prove it day to day. We want to be a reference as much for the local community as for the foreign. We consider quality as a noble concept with a great passion for the material and the final product. Our furniture is designed and sold directly to the consumer without interference of other traders or sub-agents. The result is good quality and a timeless design.


We provide a full interior design service, from layout planning, 3d rendering to selecting materials, fabrics and fitting out. We have experienced in a wide range of projects; from private houses, apartments to hotels, restaurants and offices. Our designers work closely with the clients to ensure that their expectation is fulfilled and more.


Our team control each project from the early stages, through the creative design process and project management to delivery and installation.


Each of our worker was themselves QC for each product was made. Each of our products has it's own story that you just could feel when you touch it, see it and using it.


Our factory located near city center that help for transportation, visiting and controlling much more convenience. With more than 70 workers and 10 years of experience engage with company from early day that bring all workers in team have same heart beating on anything they do.


Since its establishment, Stokes Interior has concentrated on supplying customised furniture for its clients. We work collaboratively with clients to deliver them what they desires. Our showroom displays a wide range of furniture with different styles. Visit our showroom to get a consultation and have your object of desire become a reality.


Our materials source was selected from branding source that bring you quality by time using, by emotion of it design, by feeling of it touch, by worldwide of it well known.


Proud to be linked to some of the most internationally respected and renowned architects, interior designers and suppliers.